In our riding, we know what real environmentalism looks like (hint: it’s not Justin Trudeau’s job-
killing carbon tax that will do nothing for the environment). Real environmentalism is practiced
daily by our farmers and ranchers. They care about their land and work everyday to
conserve it for the future.

Grazing cattle, no-till agriculture, cover crops, and using cutting edge technology to get the most
out of their land – that’s what real environmental stewardship looks like. I want Canadians who
have never set foot on a farm to understand the incredible work our farmers and ranchers do
everyday. That’s why I introduced Motion 108 – to force the Liberal government to stand up and
recognize our farmers and ranchers.

After a lot of preparation and debate, I’m very proud that M-108 received unanimous consent in
the House of Commons. This Liberal government likes to conveniently forget about the
conservation and stewardship practiced by our farmers and ranchers. My Motion means that a
framework is on the books going forward. Parliamentarians should craft new agricultural policy
with my Motion in mind – and my Conservative colleagues and I will be sure to remind them.


The text reads:

“That, in the opinion of the House, the government should recognize that the ongoing
contribution of ranchers and farmers as stewards of the land and conservationists is part of our
history, proudly shared by all Canadians, and should consider establishing policies which would
support and encourage the development of private farm and ranch land conservation and
restoration projects.”

Thanks to everyone for the incredible support in getting this Motion passed. Residents of Bow
River are proud of our farmers and ranchers, and I was very happy to have this opportunity to
highlight that support on the national stage.

-Martin Shields



















Martin is absolutely opposed to the Justin Trudeau’s job-killing carbon tax. He believes it is a tax grab, pure and simple – not an environmental plan. He wants it repealed as soon as possible. Martin has devoted much of his tenure as an MP to advocating for Canadian energy. He has stood up for Bow River in the House of Commons by pressuring the Liberal government on all well-known energy legislation, like C-69 and C-48. He has also pressed the government relentlessly on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion.



















Martin fiercely advocated for cattle ranchers in our riding during the 2017 Bovine TB outbreak. He met with top CFIA officials to press for more transparency and communication. He consistently communicated with constituents (through a variety of mediums), local municipal officials, regional media, and industry stakeholders. He demanded answers from the Liberal government on this issue, and the CFIA has committed to being more transparent in the future.














Martin has consistently raised concerns about rural crime in our riding. He has stood up manytimes in the House of Commons to pressure the government on this issue. He contributed to theAlberta Conservative Caucus Rural Crime Task Force’s report to the government. He has also held roundtables and met with RCMP officials.



















Martin strongly opposes C-71 and supports the rights of responsible firearms owners. He held a
roundtable on this issue in his riding with Blaine Calkins and Glen Motz, and has pressured the
Liberal government to repeal this ham-fisted legislation.







Martin strongly opposed the Liberal decision to make organizations sign an attestation that might go against their values in order to receive funding to hire students over the summer. He is completely opposed to the government’s decision to apply a values test to a taxpayer supported program.


Martin believes that you should not need to agree with the governing party’s philosophy to take part in a government program. A student should not be deprived of a summer job because their potential employer does not share the government’s world view.




Martin has strongly supported withdrawing from this initiative as soon as possible. He believes Canada must be control of our borders and have full autonomy over who enters our country.


That’s why he and his Conservative colleagues strongly oppose Canada signing on to the UN Global Compact for Migration. Canadians – and Canadians only – should make decisions on who comes into the country and under what circumstances, not foreign entities like the UN.








Martin joined his Conservative colleagues in putting heavy pressure on Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government to come clean on the SNC Lavalin Affair and the Mark Norman case. These scandals make it perfectly clear – Justin Trudeau is not fit to govern our great nation.














Canadian farmers continue to be impacted by this government’s mismanagement of our relationship with China. Martin believes we need real action on this file, like launching a WTO complaint. We also need to immediately cancel the billions in funding the Liberals are sending to the Asian Infrastructure Bank, which will be used to build pipelines in China – that plan never made any sense in the first place.







Martin opposed the legalization of marijuana. He focused his opposition on the concerns of municipalities and police forces – we heard loud and clear this Bill was going to cause them big problems. He has made interventions in the House on this issue and communicated with/advocated for mayors and reeves in his riding.











Martin joined our party in expressing strong opposition to the small business tax hikes. He held numerous roundtables, including one co-hosted with MP Pierre Poilievre which attracted over 250 people. He stood up in the House of Commons to pressure the Liberals on this issue, and he highlighted how devastating the hikes would be for family farms. After months of pressure, the Liberals backed off some of the worst hikes, but they can’t be trusted not to re-introduce them if they’re re-elected. Only a Conservative government will protect Canadian taxpayers and leave more money in your wallet.

Martin sat on the Transportation committee during their study of Bill C-49. He used this opportunity to advocate for grain farmers, and to press railway executives on some of their practices.









Martin stands with the Conservative Party of Canada in opposing the $600 million media bailout. However, he has used his seat on the Heritage committee to advocate for local newspapers in our riding. 


During the committee’s last meeting on supplementary estimates, Martin questioned the Minister of Canadian Heritage on why the bailout funding was not readily available to local newspapers.


Motion 108 - Standing up for Canadian Farmers and Ranchers

Fighting the Carbon Tax and Standing Up for our Energy Industry

"Mr. Speaker, the Liberal government has failed Canadian energy workers. Over 100,000 and counting are out of work. Small businesses across my riding of Bow River have been devastated, and they do not even get the carbon tax exemptions the Liberals have given to large corporations.


Rather than fix the problems they have caused, the Liberals are doubling down with their anti-Canadian energy bill, Bill C-69. This bill will be the final nail in the coffin of Canadian energy.


When will the government show it cares about Canadian energy workers and cancel Bill C-69?" - Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2018-11-30

Bovine TB Crisis - Standing up for Bow River Ranchers

“Mr. Speaker, southeastern Alberta and Saskatchewan ranch families are languishing from a single case of bovine tuberculosis. These families are in the dark and are extremely stressed about their financial situation.


The herds have been quarantined by the CFIA, they have been stopped from selling their calves, and they have lost their one payday a year. Testing herds is taking months. Help is needed now.


Will the Liberals implement an emergency relief program for the ranchers whose herds have been quarantined by the CFIA?” – Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2016-11-21.

Standing Up for Bow River on Rural Crime

“Mr. Speaker, last week our Alberta Conservative caucus rural crime task force reported its findings, and they are cause for significant alarm. We found that rural residents are afraid and angry.


They are afraid and angry because the RCMP cannot respond to crimes in a timely manner. They are afraid and angry because their justice system is a revolving door. They are afraid and angry because the government has done little about it. We need serious leadership from the government to shape a multi-jurisdictional approach that will address rural crime. We need to keep dangerous repeat offenders behind bars. We need to bolster rural RCMP detachments.


Rural crime levels have risen, but staffing levels have not. This situation is only getting worse, but the Liberals continue to introduce bills that punish law-abiding gun owners and make serious offences punishable by a mere fine, while doing nothing to combat gun violence and illegal hand guns. They are completely out of touch with rural Canadians” - Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2018-11-20.

Standing Up for Law Abiding Firearms Owners

Canada Summer Jobs

"There are a lot of obvious points about the bill, but criminals are generally not using legal firearms. What is driving gun violence is gangs and illegal handguns. The illegal use of handguns will not be impacted by this legislation. Only those who already follow the law will. Criminals do not register illegal weapons nor do those who have the number filed off those weapons" - Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2018-06-18

UN Compact on Migration

The SNC Lavalin Scandal and the Mark Norman Affair

"Madam Speaker, it is increasingly clear that the Prime Minister and his government politically interfered in Mark Norman's case, just as it did in SNC-Lavalin's.

The government withheld documents and blackened pages totally out. It used code names to hide its actions. It coached witnesses. Mr. Norman's lawyer was clear that the documents should have been handed over to the RCMP and to the prosecution.

Why would the Liberals not release the documents to Mr. Norman's defence team, and unredacted? What is the Prime Minister trying to hide here?" - Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2019-05-10

China and our Ag Industry

Madam Speaker, the Prime Minister has grossly mismanaged our relationship with China. Now we have learned that meat producers are next in China's target list.


Farm incomes were down 45% across the country in 2018, 68% in Alberta alone. Constituents in my riding of Bow River are suffering the consequences.


This crisis began six months ago, and now the Prime Minister is considering, maybe, meeting the President of China in three weeks. Gee, thanks.


What is the Prime Minister waiting for to take some real action for my ag producers? - Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2019-06-07

Marijuana Legalization

“As a former mayor for many years, I have a particular concern about the impact on communities and on municipalities. Municipalities are really concerned about this rush to legalize marijuana completely. They are concerned about the fact that they are going to have to pick up the tab for a variety of new responsibilities that are essentially being dumped on them overnight" - Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2017.06.01

Mr. Speaker, Murray and Lorraine, in my riding of Bow River, say they could not afford to both keep the family farm operation and contribute to RRSPs, so they planned to use their farmland as retirement income.


They want to know why the Liberals have, as they put it, changed the rules at the end of our game, and jeopardized their retirement plans, while the finance minister's family fortune and Barbados operation will not even be touched.

How is that possibly fair to Murray and Lorraine? - Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2017-10-06

Small Business Tax Hikes

"If a producer contracts with a shipper for a specified date, then gets a call that the cars will be showing up a week late, that is a problem, and the producer pays the penalty. The cars then show up late at their destination, and the producer is often the one who ends up suffering for it. When railways do not get their cars where they are supposed to be on time, that incurred cost goes back to the producers. They are held ransom by the whole system” – Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2017-10-25

Standing Up for Grain Farmers

“We all know that the decline in traditional papers is coming, but one solution that certainly will not work is subsidizing the same old business model that has been failing for decades. The government is looking at something that obviously did not work and has decided to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on sustaining it. It defies logic. In my riding, it is another example of an untrustworthy use of taxpayer money" - Martin Shields, House of Commons, 2019-06-03

Media Bailout and Standing up for Local Newspapers


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